By Wendy Spall

Further to my article in last month’s Leigh News, I will introduce you to the remaining artists that I met during the Dereel festival. 

Lisa Hunter is a mixed media artist and she was experimenting with a concept she was calling “Ancestral Imagination,” It consisted of her layering photos of her ancestors onto photos of our current bushland. “I was just thinking of the impact we have on the landscape I guess.”  It was a fascinating concept and I hope it goes well for her.

Caroline Everett’s work was a little different to what you’d expect. Using a painted head of a bird, the image was completed with doodle art, tiny little pictures of squiggles, bugs, birds, and flowers, using a fine black pen. The end result was fascinating. “I like to chop and change my art a lot, I like to experiment.” 

When I approached Jean Brown’s table she was busily painting with acrylics, when I asked her why she used that medium she informed me that it dried quickly.

“Acrylic’s give you a good colour range and it dries quickly, if you need to change something or you make a mistake it is easy to rectify” she chuckled.  Jean took up painting again when her children had grown, and left home and I had the feeling she very much enjoyed her work.

Also, at the festival was Clarissa Stein, who proudly told me she was a writer, a poet, and a publisher, she and her husband had published over 170 books in the last 30 years.  They publish writers from Australia’s diverse cultural population. “I look for writings that appeal to me and grab me.  You can’t write if you don’t read!” she informed me.  Clarissa was busy writing when I disturbed her.

The last artist I spoke to was Julie Donaghy. Julie is a quilt maker. The quilts she had up on display were colourful and they had the wow factor.

“I’ve sewn all my life, my Grandma taught me, but I taught myself the art of quilting. “I sew everyday if I don’t, then that is a bad day.” Julie informed me that she still had the first quilt she made.


Posted by:GP Arts Inc

Non-profit community group supporting artists within the Golden Plains Shire.

2 replies on “Dereel Art and Craft Festival – Part Two

  1. As a participant of many of the projects that have been held and the many in the works now . I am so thrilled that despite the impact of Covid ,we, as a community of artists have over come the problems of distance and isolation and can keep connected through our love of art and craft .
    I know from personal experience that the results of creativity and expression has a hugely positive effect on our health and well being.
    We had to cancel our much loved GP Art Trail at the last moment, but we will work towards the return of this annual event at some stage in the future.
    In the mean time thanks to Lisa and Kate taking up the challenge to produce an artists web page which i hope all our artists will participate.
    I look forward to continuing in work shops and enjoying the company of my friends into the future .
    SO –Keep being “arty ”
    Ros Bosnar

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