Hidden Gems Artist Studios will be open on the 6th and 7th of March from 10am til 4pm.

Nestled in the countryside just minutes from Ballarat, Lucas, Smythesdale and Delacombe you will find these treasure troves of art and inspiration. Visit these five picturesque studios to meet the artists and see a range of unique and desirable artworks including paintings, original prints and ceramics. All of the artists are members of GP Arts Inc., so take a tour this weekend and explore some of the wonderful creative talents in your local area:

Kate Wise Art – 32 Kent Drive, Haddon

Stella Clarke Studio Gallery – 29 Stephen Street, Haddon

Vida Pearson and Fred Ross Studio – 21 Rill Court, Haddon

Red Echidna Studios – 95 Kirks Road, Smythes Creek

Raintree Art – 64 School Lane, Cambrian Hill

Click on the video below to see more:

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Posted by:GP Arts Inc

Non-profit community group supporting artists within the Golden Plains Shire.

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