GP Arts Inc member Lisa Hunter is running the ‘Journal to the Self’ course in her Dereel studio. Based on the work of Kathleen Adams, Centre for Journal Therapy, ‘Journal to the Self’ is a course for those who wish to spend some time reflecting on their own life, and learning journaling techniques which can help you do this. Lisa is a Certified Instructor.

Journal to the Self has been run since 1985, and is designed around journaling techniques, not therapy. Privacy is valued over sharing, and it is suitable for non-writers and writers alike.

Lisa’s Dereel studio is set on 15 acres of bushland, offering a peaceful place for reflection. The course can be taken over 4 sessions of 3 hours each or 6 sessions of 2 hours each. Class sizes are small. Dates and a brochure can be found on her website.

Posted by:GP Arts Inc

Non-profit community group supporting artists within the Golden Plains Shire.

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