Vivien Ireland

Medium: Painting - oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, gouche

Coming to art later in life, Vivien has embraced the mediums oil, acrylic and alcohol ink. Acrylic being the favourite, a medium which is so forgiving and suits her love of colour, an important aspect for Vivien.

Attending many workshops and tutorials has been very beneficial, allowing her to listen to feelings regarding her painting and keep the hard and fast rules of light and dark, tonal value, etc.

Vivien Ireland, Callington Mill, Tas, Acrylic
Vivien Ireland, The Shield, Acrylic
Vivien Ireland, Poppies on the Hill, Acrylic
Vivien Ireland, The Blue Lake, Acrylic
Vivien Ireland, Hill Farm, Acrylic

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Studio (by appointment): 170 Dereel Rokewood Junction Road Dereel (Open by appointment)


Phone: 0412640788