Tanya Stanojevic Kauker

Medium: Other

Tanya takes her inspiration from the colour in nature, the landscape and how the human form moves through the landscape. Encaustic is a method of layering bees wax mixed with tree resin and oil paints, fusing it with heat. Tanya's sculptures are made of a variety of materials including recycled wood, metal, fibre, handmade paper and found objects. They are made to sit in the landscape as a contrast to nature.

Tanya Stanojevic Kauker, Back dam, Watercolour
Tanya Stanojevic Kauker, Odalisque, Encaustic
Tanya Stanojevic Kauker, Der wind der wind das himelishs kint, Encaustic
Tanya Stanojevic Kauker, Abstract Landscape, Encaustic
Tanya Stanojevic Kauker, Smiths Bridge, Encaustic

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