Sylvia Aguirre

Medium: Mixed media and sculpture

Sylvia has drawn inspiration from living in a bushy block in the Golden Plains. Her work explores the vulnerabilities of being human and her personal sense of urgency to connect with the natural worldand sense of place.

Her work includes drawings using charcoal derived from local stringy bark trees, to mixed media works on paper as well as ceramic forms created using traditional cross-cultural firing techniques. Sylvia juxtaposes upcycled metals including copper wire, rusty metal, wood and natural fibres on the surface finishes of her sculptural, installation and 2D art pieces.

Sylvia Aguirre, Saggar fired porcelain with wire
Sylvia Aguirre, Sentinels do not speak, Charcoal on paper
Sylvia Aguirre, Treasures Porcelain
Sylvia Aguirre, Falling safely to the ground, Ceramics and copper wire installation
Sylvia Aguirre, Charcoal on paper installation

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