Jillian Rough

Medium: Pastels, oils, printing

Jillian has worked as a realist artist for over 30 years and participated in many exhibitions and art shows, in Victoria and NSW receiving numerous commendations in that time. Her country life has led to a fascination with capturing the effects of light and colours within the landscape, in nature, in still life and animals.

She has qualifications in Fine Arts and Screen Printing, Jillian works from her studio in Stonehaven in many mediums including pastel, oils, and is venturing into other methods of printing. She is always looking for different subject matter and ways to interpret them. She is enjoying working in a new studio on her farming property in Stonehaven.

Jillian Rough, You Yangs, Etching
Jillian Rough, Farmyard, Screen Print
Jillian Rough, Euc Blossoms, Pastel
Jillian Rough, Mount Moriac, Pastel


Phone: 0455 288 964