Lindy Allinson

Medium: Lino prints, Acrylics, Textiles, Papier Mache, Lighting Sculptures & Interactive Installations

Lindy's art stimulates the senses. Adventures in Egypt, Iceland and Australia's deserts echo through her diverse, boldly colourful and intricately hand-crafted creations.

Presently working on a 2021 One Woman Show, Lindy's new series playfully combines upcycling with childhood recollections, celebrates the feminine, and showcases artworks within imaginative, interactive installations. Her bush studio sits nestled within the quirky 'living ghost town' of Steiglitz, Victoria, Australia.

Lindy working on her 'Wise Woman' - acrylic & amethyston canvas.
Lindy Allinson Rainbow Reflections, Textiles - created from over 2000 handcut leaves.
Lindy Allinson, Mother Nature, Sculpture from Lindy's previous 'Woman defined by Women' exhibition
Colourful inspiration fills Lindy's bush studio
Lindy Allinson, Amazon, Limited edition lino print

Studio (by appointment): 2704 Steiglitz Rd, Steiglitz Township, Victoria 3331