Rosalind Lawson

Medium: Painting - oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, gouche

Standing in the centre of the front paddock I contemplate the notion that I am travelling at 1100kms per hour , the rotational speed of planet earth . This creates a greater understanding of the space around me . not just the linear view of Mt Buninyong but a circular perspective. Behind ,beside, in front .The visualization of sound is linked to this phenomenon. Inspired by the natural sounds of rain, wind, birds, crickets and frogs all creating natural symphonies . I express this through patterns and gestures leading toward lyrical abstraction .

My own engagement in music making is also explored in this series ,drawing on the rich emotional experience of human sound, here it is the spaces between that make the music.

The Circle Dance Oils on canvas 2020
Symphonic Oils on canvas 2020
Bird Song Lyrical abstraction Mixed media on paper 2021
Surround Sound Oils on canvas 2020
Bird Song 2 Lyrical Abstraction Mixed media on paper 2021

Studio (by appointment): 165 Kittys Lead Road Napoleons


Phone: +61403030185