Stella Clarke

Medium: Painting - oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, gouche

My art space, Blue Stone Cottage Studio Gallery, is in Haddon, about 15 minutes out of Ballarat. It is open by appointment. I have enjoyed showing and selling my work in metropolitan and regional exhibitions and galleries in Victoria, NSW and WA for over a decade. I also sell my work directly from the studio, via my website or to studio visitors, and I am happy to undertake commissions. My main focus is landscape, my inspiration is the beauty of the natural world, from local to coastal, and I am motivated by the real need we now have to connect with our biosphere

I work across arange of mediums,using oils, acrylics,charcoal andgraphite,and watercolour.I create piecesfrom quite smallto very large,suitable for avariety of spaces.I always have a goodselection of originalartworks available inthe studio,including avariety of prints.

Stella Clarke, Pond in Blue, Acrylic on canvas
Stella Clarke, Ancient, Charcoal on paper
Stella Clarke, Wildflowers HighOver Blue, Oil on canvas
Stella Clarke, Nimmon's Bridge, Print of original oil on canvas
Blue Stone Cottage Studio

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Studio (by appointment): Blue Stone Cottage Studio Gallery, 29 Stephen Street, Haddon VIC


Phone: 0147 552 150