Letter from the Chair

Together with newly elected Secretary Jen Jones, and ongoing Treasurer Rosslyn Bosnar and Committee members, we have exciting plans for Golden Plains Arts Inc., and you, one of the 75 life-blood members that gives GP Arts Inc it's strength. As we enter negotiations with the GP Council regarding future plans, the committee is driven to advance the profile of members and, accordingly, the Arts and Culture sector within Golden Plains Shire.

Recent proactive involvement in Golden Plains Shire Streetscapes Urban Design Framework and a draft Council Plan for 2021-2025 granted the opportunity to advance and strengthen “Arts and Culture’’ on behalf of members and the wider community in general. A supportive application for funding to a ‘Covid Recovery Grant’ was successful in allowing three local artists to engage with members of the community to design six banners for the Smythesdale streetscape. Ironically, COVID is still rampant and creating unexpected ongoing difficulties in communicating with the community.

With GP Arts activities attracting the attention of Her Excellency the Hon. Linda Dessue, Governor of Victoria, an invitation was extended to “discuss and tell more about GP Arts Inc.” The Governor and her husband Mr Anthony Howard, armed with prior knowledge, delved deep into activities, exhibitions and workshops undertaken by members. Major interests of discussion were the Arts Trails, Smythesdale Fiesta and plans to establish a permanent presence in Bannockburn. The Governor concluded with admiration for the proactive benefits GP Art Inc offers members and the broader Golden Plains community. With forthcoming plans afoot, renewal of your membership will ensure ongoing prospective opportunities for all.

Barry Wemyss