Information about Copyright for Artists

Often copyright is discussed in relation to writing and plagiarism, but it's also crucial information for visual artists, performers, film-makers designers and more. Understanding copyright law in relation to your specific creative practice can help you to protect your work, but it can also help to clarify the conditions under which you grant permission for others to use your work.

The Australian Copyright Council is an independent, not for profit organisation which produces information about copyright law. Their expertise ranges across a broad area, so check their About page for more information.

The Resources page on their website has fact sheets for many types of creatives including Writers, Artists, Musicians, Performers and more. Some of the fact sheet downloads are free, and others incur a cost. Type in keywords to search more specifically. For example, type Art to see a list of all fact sheets related to art.

To give you an idea of what the fact sheets look like, here are a few quick links to free fact sheets:

For the full range of fact sheets, view the Resources page and search by form of creative media.