Venue Number - 18

Barry wemyss

 With a focus on functional ceramic forms, my work is drawn from a loved country up bringing, serving dishes, platters, bowls and in particular teapots with attached ‘found’ wooden handles. These are my favorite forms to make.

Venue Number - 18

erin robinson

Erin, the artist behind ARTBRUSH, is a Ballarat local who loves to combine two of her favourite things in life, water colour art and animals. Her works exude personality and fun 

Venue Number - 18

lucy brisbane


"Scampered paw-prints on floors, inquisitive nose-marks on windows & doors. If I can capture the maker of these marks with mine, I feel creatively blessed" Lucy 

Venue Number - 19

Vida pearson

 Vida Pearson - printmaker will be demonstrating and explaining the technique of linocut and with furniture artisan Fred Ross an exhibition of their work will be on display in their purpose- built gallery.

Venue Number - 19

Fred ross

Fred has been making soild timber artisan furniture since 1985, inspired by the various colour and figure combinations of the world's finest furniture timbers. 

Venue Number - 19

Steve drew

Steve has been clay maker for 55 years, working in stoneware producing tableware and ceramic sculptures using stylised horse and human forms.

Venue Number - 20

Kate wise

Kate’s home studio will be open to the public for the first time. Come and see where she creates her large botanical and abstract acrylic paintings 

Venue Number - 21

stella clarke

Stella paints landscapes in oils and acrylics, from local bushland to the coast. She brings the outside in. Here, the beautiful, vulnerable, natural world inspires artworks you can enjoy forever.


Venue Number - 21

alec robinson

Alec produces high fired wares in functional pots in small and large scales. Alec says that

"This labour intensive process individualises the pot which is appealing and there is a market for this, ceramics are trendy for the first time since the 80's!" 

Venue Number - 22

anne langdon

Anne Langdon is a printmaker and mixed media artist. 

As a member of Goldfields Printmakers, she is keen to promote local artists. Her studio is set in a unique garden with some sculptures on view.

Venue Number - 22

marie mason

Marie uses the medium of reduction lino printing to convey the grandeur, beauty and peace of the Australian landscape. Marie tries to capture images that are typical of certain area sand their climatic conditions.


Venue Number - 22

catriona sexton

Lino prints (black and white and hand-coloured) and water colours featuring local flora and bird life in the Smythesdale area.