Venue Number - 6

Murray White

Film based landscape photography is my passion. I have produced many colour images for books and magazines in past times, but now i specialise in traditional darkroom, black and white photography. 

17 Willis Street,  Teesdale

Venue Number - 6

ana white

I enjoy making acrylic paintings that depict nature. My subjects vary from remote imposing landscapes to subtle interpretations closer to home. I especially enjoy creating pictures from my childhood memories. 

 17 Willis Street,  Teesdale 

Venue Number - 7

Mystery artist

Who will it be?

Summer Sensations Cafe

Shelford-Bannockburn Road, Teesdale

Venue Number - 8

ade loe

Vibrant, Fun and Beautifully formed ceramics, glass, drawing, painting, jewellery and sculpture.

Art Rocks Gallery

199 Teesdale-Inverleigh Rd,  Inverleigh

Venue Number - 9

Faye gibson

I work mostly in oils and water colours, and occasionally pencils. I love to paint skies, the countryside and the seashore and have recently been painting portraits of people and animals. 

160 Common Road, Inverleigh

Venue Number - 10

Liam kinniburgh

A gallery wall full of a variety of paintings ranging from flowers, animals, birds, people, abstract and more. Each Painting has its own unique style with many layers of bright colours and texture.

High 8 Homewares

8 High Street,  Inverleigh

Venue Number - 11

Stuarte Kerdel

Studio K re-purposes pieces of metal from days gone by to create both sculptural and functional pieces of Art. Each item is unique and displayed in a beautiful garden setting.

58 Gregory Drive,  Inverleigh

Venue Number - 12

Robbie williams

 Water colour with a maritime theme. 

Lucy McEachern's Studio

984 Wingeel Road,  Wingeel

Venue Number - 12

Oliver ashworth martin

Using a process of magnification, abstraction and alteration of the Australian seed pods, both my drawing and sculptural practice explore a deeper engagement with our natural world and celebrates the hidden complexities and interconnectedness of all life on our planet.


Lucy McEachern's Studio

984 Wingeel Road,  Wingeel

Venue Number - 12

harley maniford

Compositions referencing old masters, with a focus on light and the modern day local scene .


Lucy McEachern's Studio

984 Wingeel Road,  Wingeel

Venue Number - 12

Victoria Birrell

Vick Birrell is a self-taught painter based in Melbourne. Painting in a modern style with a love of faces, she focuses on portraiture in acrylic and oil 


Lucy McEachern's Studio

984 Wingeel Road,  Wingeel

Venue Number - 12

Lucy mceachern

Limited edition bronze sculpture that is inspired by birds in the landscape.The simplified and elegant lines of Lucy’s works make them very tactile and a pleasure to behold. 


Lucy McEachern's Studio

984 Wingeel Road,  Wingeel

Venue Number - 12

Nick dridan

Nick Dridan’s paintings contains motifs and themes of his immediate surroundings in central Victoria and are based on direct observation, memory and imagination. 


Lucy McEachern's Studio

984 Wingeel Road,  Wingeel