“Never worry about being obsessive. I like obsessive people. Obsessive people make great art.”


“The great artist is the simplifier”


Four Days Left!

If you haven’t been to see the GP Arts Inc. group exhibition ‘Moving Forward’ yet, you might want to head to the Mercure Hotel, Ballarat between now and Saturday. The exhibition closes at 5pm on Saturday 10th July. Exhibition details are: ‘Moving Forward’A group exhibition by GP Arts Inc. Artists9am to 5pm daily until 11th…

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“When we stop fearing failure, we start being artists”


Art originates in experiment.


To require perfection is to invite paralysis.

David Bayles

“I hear that my friends are preparing another exhibition this year but I must discount the possibility of participating in it since I have nothing worth showing.”

Claude Monet

Stuck? Try something new!

Whether you are a writer, a visual artist or a performer, you’ve probably had the experience of feeling stuck. The metaphor of ‘staring at a blank page’ is often used to symbolise the inner critic stifling creativity. Thoughts like ‘I don’t know what to do” or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I don’t have the…

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Update: Challenge of the Month

Update: Have you submitted a photo of your ‘Nature’ artwork for our February challenge? It’s a fun way to spend some time in this time of lockdown. Show us any aspect of nature you love and tag it with #gpartsincchallenge1 when you post it on your own Instagram page. Here is the link to see…

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“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

Challenge of the Month

We’ve noticed something our members have in common is a love of nature and our beautiful flora and fauna. So, we thought it would be fun to have ‘nature’ as the theme of our first art challenge. Participating is easy: Post a photograph of your ‘nature’ artwork on your own Instagram account. Use the hashtag…

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“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page”

— Jodi Picoult